What started the whole journey for me was having my knee repeatedly operated on in my late teens. It was during my recovery from my final op that I realised what is was I wanted to do with my life.

I wish could say I was overwhelmed with the help I received during recovery but that simply wasn’t the case. I felt that I could do better job and help people more effectively in the same situation.

With this goal in mind, I started a distance learning course in gym instruction and started a new job in a gym. Since then I progressed on to studying a level 3 NVQ in personal training and a few other bolt on elements.

During the last 7 years MP Personal Training has gone from strength to strength, we have expanded, taken on yearly apprentices and introduced new programmes and initiatives.

Now here we are... the present day, doing what we love doing... helping people meet their personal goals!

Meet the team

I started training with Martin in order to find a way to maintain my aerobic fitness while my knee was healing from an injury sustained from running.…

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