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In a new regular feature, Martin Petrie of MP Personal Training answers your health and fitness questions. Email with yours. From next issue the best questions will win some great prizes.

Q: At the start of the year I weighed 70kg. I’ve been weight training at least three times a week but have hardly budged on the scales. I’m even eating up to six meals a day! Any ideas? Tom S

A: Hi Tom,
There would be a few things I would look at, the first being how you’re training. For example are you doing a split body program or just picking what you feel like doing on any given day? Planning and keeping a training notebook is key if you really want to grow. The second element would be your food. You say you eat up to six meals per day, but what are they containing?

As a pointer you really need to ramp up on protein to 1.5-2 grams per KG of your bodyweight if you want to get muscular gains. You should then notice some serious gains in as little as two months!

Q: I find working my abs in the gym quite boring and tedious, but I know it’s important that I should. Can you give me some tips to spark things up? Moe H

A: Hi Moe,
I used to feel the same way, and then discovered that there is a lot more than just floor training for your mid section. Have you considered using swissballs for your crunch work or even adding good old fashioned medicine balls for your rotational work? Give them a go.

Q: I joined a local gym at the start of the year and was really motivated for the first couple of months. Slowly though things have declined and now I find I’m paying out money for a membership I barely even use! How can I reignite the fire within so I can get back to enjoying things? Selina G

A: Hi Selina,
Have you tried any of the classes that your gym provides? They are normally free with your membership and in most cases you can bring a friend with you for a small charge if they aren’t a member. Training with a friend will help with motivation, but if you are not really into group training or classes then ask your gym for a review of your goals and get
an updated training program. Again, this service is normally free with your membership. If you’re in dire need of motivation though then hiring a personal trainer is definitely the route to take.

Q: I work long hours in a very taxing job and often find that the local vending machine is as far as I can get for my lunch. What foods should I be looking to buy for the week to keep the junk food at bay? Michel D

A: Hi Michel,
A really cheap and handy tip for you is to cook more than you need on the evening before your day at work. You can then take the rest to work with you. Don’t forget to add a piece or two of fruit to your bag, as well as a bottle of water.

Reproduced with kind permission of Brighton Active.

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