Forever Fit with MP PT

Hi everyone, hope you're all well. I wanted to use this edition of Brighton Active to share with you all a passion of mine. I am of course referring to my Forever Fit over 50s training group. The group itself is based in Hove and has been running for a good few years now, but my training team took over at the reigns in October 2011 so we are now celebrating our one year anniversary.

We are of course celebrating this with a special offer, but more on that later...

First of all it would make more sense to look at why this group means so much to me and why it should mean a lot to you too, especially if you have friends or family in our age catchment that you care about. Although we cater for all over 50s the youngest member we currently have is 56, yet the oldest is in her 80s! I challenge you to come and see who you actually think this lovely lady is and I guarantee you’ll need more than three guesses.

The reason I have such a strong passion towards our Forever Fit group comes from within their own self worth, determination and willingness to continue to learn. And even though they are the one’s learning, they teach me so much just by being themselves. The way I see all the older generation is that without them we wouldn’t be here. So why not teach them how to be fitter and healthier so that their families get to enjoy their time together for as long as possible.

I could sit here and give you lots of statistics and facts as to why it is good for people of all ages to exercise regularly, but we all know these. It is down to us to choose whether to make changes happen and to suggest them to others, especially those that are older than ourselves.

We're extremely proud of our members as they continuously choose to come along to our Forever Fit group at least once a week, if not two or three times. This is also down to our group providing such a great social hub for them to be involved with. As well as exercising together our members also enjoy going out for meals each and every month. Forever Fit also has fitness and sport events away from the gym / class environment every now and again, such as a mass walk down the Adur or tenpin bowling.

Reproduced with kind permission of Brighton Active.

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