Spring into summer with MP PT

This month I thought I would share with you some of the achievements my clients have made since January when I launched my ‘New Year, New You’ program, combining a specific mixture of exercises with a nutritional plan as unique as the individual.

There have been a lot of people taking part in this program and it has been great for us as we have had such an array of clients. With different ages and genders, with varied levels of fitness and lifestyles. So the results should have been a little more varied than they actually are, which proved to me that the program did and still does work on an individual basis.

I really want to tell you about two ladies in specific, who are at opposite ends of the lifestyle spectrum: Jimi who cycles the 11 miles between work and home every day and Elizabeth who drives to work and is faced with a typical sedentary desk based workplace. Both ladies had the same goal in essence, but had different barriers standing in their way. The following results are to this point with both Jimi and Elizabeth still having 4/8 weeks left to go, before a maintenance program will be put into place. After completing stage one of their programs Jimi has lost 6kg (1st) and 19.5cm around her waist! Elizabeth has lost an equally impressive 1.2kg but 20.5cm around her waist! That is in just 4 weeks!

Both ladies have so far had one hour of personal training per week. Jimi has one session, where as Elizabeth has two half hour sessions to fit into her schedule better. This twinned with our nutritional program for which they have incorporated into their lifestyle and they are seeing the results they have wanted to see for ages. With more yet to be seen, this will also come in the way of health improvements and not just weight and inch loss.

Overall 172lb (12.3st) has been lost by people on our nutritional program since November. We even have people using our program who live abroad and have never had a Personal Training session in their lives! As I have said already, our program isn’t a diet based on everyone. It is a nutritional lifestyle program, designed to be as unique as you are.

Reproduced with kind permission of Brighton Active.

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