28 day summer fit challenge with MP PT

So then, are you prepared for the summer ahead? Surely you remember those. Summer, where the sun comes out for more than just two days on the trot with a warming heat that matches...

How confidently can you say that you are actually in the best shape you can be for its arrival this year? “Slightly,” “Yeah I guess so,” or “Oh Yessss I’m ready!” If you’re not in the 'Oh Yessss' category then why not?

What is it that is standing in your way? If it’s time, *knowledge** or motivation then I have the solution. Myself and the team here at MP Personal Training have used our combined knowledge to put together a 28 Day Summer Fit Challenge that will benefit those with barriers like these.

Time - our training schedule is set up so that it lasts roughly 30 minutes per workout, so that is one barrier broken.

Knowledge - all of the exercises that you will need to know to take part are all listed and explained.

Motivation - seeing and feeling the results from just week one (if all guidelines are stuck too).

What more could you ask for? The people whom I have already on our program are from all over the UK, as our challenge doesn’t need to have any extra personal training, you don’t even need to be a gym member as all of the exercises can either be performed at home or even in the park. Although if you are a gym member, then adjustments are listed in the schedule, as to how to maximise your use of the extra equipment.

Of course Personal Training with myself or one of the MPPT Team is advisable if you’re needing to focus on any problematic elements such as joint issues. Once you have agreed to the challenge terms, your training schedules will be sent out. Based on a 6 day on and 1 day off pattern over a 4 week period and using separate days for cardiovascular and resistance days the challenge has been set.

Are you brave enough to make some changes that will change your lifestyle for the better? Here are some of the comments made so far.

I got my new training timetable from Martin yesterday, tried it out today and am very impressed. Not so hard that you feel like you can't do anything else, but enough to feel like you've done some good! So I've done resistance and cardio from the 28 day challenge, love the resistance- hate the star jumps!!! And am seeing results already with centimetres off my waist, chest and shoulders!

My arms and stomach hurt the most, could barely drive the other day. On the flip side though, it’s the most enjoyable work out I've done, so thanks.

Reproduced with kind permission of Brighton Active.

Back issues

Looking back I think I’ve been stuck in a rut and haven’t really left my fitness comfort zone for a while now. Having had some personal training…

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