OK, so we are currently still on the edge of a great summer, but I know one thing that is rapidly approaching that will start to take over our thoughts soon and that’s Christmas...

Yes I know it’s a dreaded word that is only whispered in some places. What always confuses me is that we crave summer fit bodies as soon as the sun comes out, but we never really seem to want to work towards having one in advance. Yet we always know that there will be at least three days of sun to enjoy or a holiday abroad.

It is just the same with Christmas, we always know that we are going to put on a few pounds over the holiday period, but we never put a plan of action into place to help our bodies to actually cope with the extra pressure those few pounds place on our organs and joints. Why is that?

In my experience people always say that they’ll start to get something in place, but then never get around to it, as Christmas and all its organisation came around to quickly.

Now I know that if you started upping your health and fitness game now you will have not only more energy to deal with Christmas, but you’ll be a trimmer healthier version of you now. Then there are the parties to consider.. Posh frocks or suits with trousers that aren’t cutting off your blood supply like the X amount of Christmases that have been and gone before. Why put up with it, especially when you have so many options?

It is common knowledge these days that to burn off more calories on a daily basis you need to speed up your metabolic rate. For those who have been living in the dark, basically this is the rate in which your body burns through stored calories while you are at rest. It has been proven that an increase of muscle mass via toning plus development will help you to do this. Of course this alone will help, but it would need matching to a nutritional program designed for you to gain the most benefits from the extra training.

If you start now and continue with your new found lifestyle, you will be a calorie burning machine come Christmas. This will give you a massive advantage when it comes to the New Year. Which leads me nicely into this unique offering from us, which is available now!

How’s that for being organised?

For just £249 you get the following:

  • A personalised H-Effect unique nutritional / exercise system.
  • Full back up support from Shaun and his nutrition team.
  • 8 personal training sessions with one of our personal training team.
  • A targeted workout plan (home or gym based), for between your personal training sessions.

Get in touch and be organised this year, start early and get the results that you have always wanted and to this point only ever dreamt of.

Reproduced with kind permission of Brighton Active.

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