Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd

We all at some point in our lives decided to focus on our Health & Fitness.
Age is Not a barrier for this to happen now.

With a average age of 64 and the youngest of our group in her mid 50's, there really is No reason not to come and see how we can help you.

General group information
First of all it would make more sense to look at why this group means so much to us and why it should mean a lot to you too, especially if you or your friends and family are in our age catchment. Although we cater for all over 50s our youngest current member is 54, yet the oldest is in her 80s! We challenge you to come and see who you actually think this lovely lady is and we guarantee you’ll need more than three guesses.

Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd

The reason we have such a strong passion towards our group comes from their own self worth, determination and willingness to continue to learn. Even though they are the ones learning, they teach us so much just by being themselves. The way we see the older generation is that without them we wouldn’t be here. So why not teach them how to be lead fitter, healthier lifestyles, in a safe controlled environment, so that their families get to enjoy their time together for as long as possible.

Forever Fit has been specifically designed for those over 50. Using over 30 years of combined training experience, we have taken all of the main contraindications of training in your later years into mind and produced a format that is not only focused, varied but it is above all else safe and enjoyable.
With no jumping or running around, our sessions are lower in impact than standard classes and will have a specific benefit to your body and your unique make up.
With challenges on your core, balance, strength and more. We are a very big believer in ‘use it or lose it’. In essence this means, you have legs so bend them, you have muscles so work them. Ranges of movement in your joints decrease in life, this is avoidable. Exercising at the right intensity for you has been proven to get you results regardless of age and in most cases your self confidence will increase, maybe even to a point where you want to try new things.

We’re extremely proud of our members as they continuously choose to come along to our Forever Fit group at least once a week, if not two or three times. This is also down to our group providing such a great social hub for them to be involved with. As well as exercising together our members also enjoy going out for meals each and every month. Forever Fit also has fitness and sport events away from the gym / class environment every now and again, such as a mass walk down the Adur or tenpin bowling.
On an annual basis we link with the sports department at BHASVIC college. Where we assist the students on their training of special population element.

Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd

We could list various statistics and facts as to why it is good for people in later life to exercise regularly, but we all know these. It is down to you to choose whether to make changes happen either for yourself, if not to suggest them to others, especially those that are close to your hearts.

Our group is especially designed for those over 50 who just want to combine a fresh new social life with a healthier, fitter lifestyle...

Full group membership includes:

  • Access to over 25 hours of supervised group training per month.
  • An individually tailored gym program, written and reviewed by a member of our personal training team, for either in the gym, at home or even for when you go away.


Description Cost
Drop-in (classes only) £7
Monthly contract (6 or 12 month) £40 pcm
Six months (in advance) £220
One year (in advance) £400

Based on one site use, Please get in touch for multi site membership.
Payments accepted via online banking.

Locations and times

Active4LessHove, Portland Road, BN3 5NT
Monday to Thursday 10.30-11.30am

For Monday and Tuesday’s classes contact Karen.
For Wednesday and Thursday’s classes contact Martin.

Active Studio, Above the Coop on Blatchington Road, BN3 3YH
Wednesday & Friday 1.30-2.30pm
Contact Martin.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your first class for registration.

If you would like the class schedule for this month, please just send us a request and we will will send one to you via email.

Be part of a growing wave of fitter, healthier and more energetic over 50s. Contact us now for more details or to book your free trial.

So if you're interested personally, maybe a friend, parent or even grandparent may want to take part.

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Over the past five years Martin has been the best PT ever. Not only has he helped me achieve my goals of getting fitter, toning and generally enjoy…

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