Trying to find the right path to leading a healthier lifestyle is like finding your way through a maze. Sometimes you hit a dead-end meaning that you end up going backwards, just to start again.

What if I were able to help you find a safe pathway, would you take it?

Safe doesn't always mean the fastest. But it is the only route in which you will learn how to maintain what you are being taught along the way. No more going backward or needing to start again. This is most definatly the only true meaning of 'the grass is always greener on the other side', it can be yours if you remain focused.

What we are offering is the chance for you to learn how to get the best out of yourself. But we can only help if you are prepared to be honest with us, but more importantly with yourself.

Here are a few things that would be helpful to remember before you make a choice on where to start:

1) Neanderthal man didn't have access to gimmick diets, just real food.

2) If you drink enough water, you will naturally detox and feel great.

3) Changes should be made gradually, allowing you to make them permanent.

4) It is most definatly 70% consumption 30% exercise.

And yes it is true, If it doesn't challenge or push you then chances are it won't change you either.

What we can do with you!
Our Body Blast training programme is lead by myself and my team of highly qualified and insured personal trainers and involves a combination of tuition on getting your food and drink intake in shape and 30 minute intense (but tailored) personal training sessions to get your body to match.

1) We would start by assessing your food and drink intake and advise you on sensible/manageable changes that could be made.

2) Personal training. You can do these 30 minute intense sessions on your own, with a friend or if the location and timing is right a small group of you.

We recommend a minimum of 5 training sessions, as by the end of these you should (if you have been listening) have exercises in which you can do on a daily basis that will keep you on track for life.

3) Free ongoing support, we are available for text/email support for 1 month after your last training session. This support is ongoing if you continue with regular PT sessions.

Our Body Blast programme costs
Initial assessment 1 hour = £30 (£40 if 2 of you).
(You would need to have 1 weeks worth of food 'n' drink diary).
30 minute intense PT sessions =
Single - £20,
Partnered - £30,
Small group - Get in touch.

You will love the results in which you will have the know-how to maintain. So much so that you will be filled with a confidence that will show. When people notice, it is an awesome feeling.

Come to the greener side where your results are waiting for you and find out for yourself.

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