You will receive 2 x 30 minutes workouts per week for 4 consecutive weeks
+ A unique home training routine for between sessions (balanced with your lifestyle).
+ Guidelines to help you to find the balance with your nutritional intake (nothing far fetched or unobtainable, using real foods).

Only £150!

No fad supplements
No risky short cuts

You can use the training for:

  • Re-motivation
  • Kick-starts
  • Plateau busting
  • Toning up
  • Body-fat blasting

The choice is yours, after all, it is personal training!

We will remove all the risks of injuries, help you get over reoccurring issues (where possible). So that you get the most out of your personalized training routine, meaning not only will you hit your targets, but you will learn how to train more efficiently for the future.

If you are prepared for some hard work then step this way, you will be partnered with an experienced personal trainer, to act as your guide through the minefield of training paths to your goals. The more focus and energy you put into your training package, the better the results.

Just remember, if it was easy, you would have achieved all your goals already.

So act now... text Get Me Back + your name to 07717 455144 and we will call you to get you booked in.


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