I recently had quite a shock when I received an email from local indoor cycling legend Rick Goodchild, asking me if I would sponsor the biggest indoor cycling event the UK has ever seen.

Clearly I needed more info first before agreeing to such a large offer. As soon as I met Rick I could tell this was something that I would be stupid to turn down. His passion towards this event showed no bars.

Once a few finer details were ironed out, it was agreed that I would have an advert played on the many screens though out the Brighton Centre at regular intervals during the 12 hour marathon event. I’m also proud to announce that I will be directly sponsoring ‘A Ride’. I’ve opted for a training session right in the middle of the day as I wanted to make sure that people keep up the momentum and keep pushing forward.

What I didn’t know at this point is that I would also be required to get up on the main stage, not just to promote what I do, but also introduce the Master Trainer to the crowd.

Scared? Me? You could say that, but strangely, at the same time, I’m really excited about it too!

The event is being run to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK and if you wish to take part, simply visit The Ride of Hope website and follow the instructions. Those of you who want to show your support for me getting up on such a massive stage, in such a huge venue and conquering stage fright then please make your donation through the event’s Just Giving page.

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