So back in April 2013 I decided to start on a personal mission to lose weight. It had got to a point where I was fed up of seeing pictures of me that we’re horrendous. I weighed in at 14 stone 7lbs and at 5'1" that is not healthy!

Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd

Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd

I set myself a goal to lose 2 stone as I wanted to feel healthier and more comfortable in my clothes. I started to see differences by adding healthy diet shakes to my regime, replacing one of my meals. After about 3 weeks and lost about 10lbs!

I felt a bit better, but was wanting more. Then one evening I saw a challenge that my friend Martin was offering via his personal training page on Facebook. After chatting with him I got the schedule and was shocked at the shear amount of exercise that would be needed! I had never done that amount before so I was quite nervous about completing it.

Until this point I had been really bad at finishing things that I had started. But once I started I loved it! I lost about 5cms off my waist in the first week alone! That was it, I was committed to seeing this challenge though, the change had motivated me enough to keep going. Once factoring in training time around my kids and home life, I was on it... I then stuck to it religiously and thoroughly enjoyed it! After completing Martins 28 day challenge I had lost 41.5cm!! All from just home training... No fees anywhere it was awesome!

The 28 day challenge that Martin sent me had given me just what I needed to carry on, motivation. I was now weighing in at 12 stone 10. I was only 3lb away for the target I had set myself and had only been training 4 weeks! So I moved the goal posts to 12 stone.

It was hard at time, seeing the centimetres going down but not the scales. I was gaining muscle and felt stronger but the scales weren't budging. Using the new found motivation that Martins challenge gave me I began doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, this started me off again and the weight started to come off. When I got to the revised goal of 12 stone I felt energised and ready to keep pushing. I moved the goal again this time to 11 stone 7lbs for which I then hit with ease. My clothes were falling off me now and people were starting to comment on my changes!

It was hard to believe that I had lost 3 stone! Even around the summer holidays, the fact that my husband bakes and the daily challenge of our kids. I had beaten even my own expectations.

I began to training myself how to run, which took about 6 weeks... In the hope that I may even hit 10 stone before the end of the year.. I was already down to a size 10!

So now instead of more weight loss as a goal I have set myself one to run a 10k.

2013 really was my year to turn things around. I’m thankful to all the support I have received from friends, family and at home, as I even got my husband onto the challenge from Martin too. And for the initial fitness challenge set by Martin of MP Personal Training, that really got my fire for fitness lit and boosted my motivation to heights I never thought I could reach.

The healthier me is defiantly here to stay!
Thanks to Martin for his continuous support and motivational training sessions.

Renne Case

P.S. I hit my 10 stone target on January 6th!

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