So I present to you your 12 weeks of Christmas fitness.

  • 12 hours of personal training with Team MPPT
  • the choice of 1 x 1hr or, 2 x 30min sessions per week

We can turn you into a calorie burning machine before Christmas, meaning that all your over indulgences this year will have less chance of turning to fat!

What will happen on the build up to Christmas is:

  • You will get leaner
  • Your clothes will fit better
  • You will look and feel healthier
  • Your confidence will go through the roof, as too will your energy, and
  • People will notice your efforts.

Yes, in just 12 weeks... All you need to do is exactly what we say. No fad diets or supplements, just common sense and hard work.

Get in touch if you want to make a huge changes pre Christmas.

Achieve the goal we set together at the start of your 12 weeks and you will receive a Christmas present from Team MPPT.

Special offer prices:

  • Only £240 per person, or
  • £360 for two people wanting to train together.

For the whole 12 weeks worth of training and guidance! I must be mad to give our expert help away at half price.

This offer has limited availability so get in touch now!

Martin & Team MP Personal Training

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