I'd like to start by thanking everyone who came out on Father’s Day to support the riders. Yes many like myself are fathers, but there were quite a few female riders this year. I let my inner super hero show a few times, it couldn’t be helped, what else can you do when you see a damsel in distress. Then I'd like to thank all those who donated their well earned money to the British Heart Foundation either via us or otherwise.

Then we get to my son Josh. When I say how proud I am of him he just gives me that look (he’s 17, those of you with older children know the look I'm talking about). He just blew me away, he was under prepared with a hint of over confidence but he did it. No moaning at any stage, not even about the early 4.30am wake up call. He was a total rock for me too.

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I’m very proud to tell all that we achieved what we set out to do, an that was to complete the ride in less than five and a half hours. In fact we smashed it, with a ride time of 4 hours 22 minutes. Such a proud moment crossing the finish line with him. That smile will be with me forever.

Now although we did well, there are two others that deserve a mention:

  • Jimi – a long term client of mine, who shouldn't of been riding due to an injury (but is stubborn and camera shy) managed a ride time of 3 hours 57 minutes. A Massive achievement (still 1 minute behind my PB though); and
  • Kevin – riding the event (again) but this time as a grandfather. I doff my hat to you sir, with your time of 3 hours 52 minutes (he then rode a further 10 miles to get home). A whole 4 minutes faster than my PB, but I'm not bitter or upset in the slightest, as that would show that I'm far far too competitive!

Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd

Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd

Bring it on next year!


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