If you are over 50 then this study is for you and has been specifically tailored for your needs.

We just require five more people your age to participate in our 8 week strength study.

Gym experience isn’t necessary as the study will be supervised. We know that you are unique, as are your training needs and exercises will be changed to suit your specific needs.

The study will require you to attend two classes per week for the whole eight week duration.

All we are asking for is £20, this is to help cover studio and equipment hire.

Our strength study is being run to help us provide details to use in communication, with not only UK-Active but also local doctors, on just how much the right exercises can help those classed as old age (over 50). Yes, I realise that studies have been held before, but like any other ongoing processes the data always needs to be updated and for that to be done in a non biased environment, we are asking people whom are not used to our training format to take part.

If you are interested in taking part then please contact us.

Many thanks

Martin and the team

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