So I’m proud to announce the arrival of our new Saturday 3.30-4.30pm class

I would also like to introduce Linda Kelly as your New Forever Fit group training leader. Her profile will be hitting the website within the next few weeks.

Our new Forever Fit over 50s class will still be using our tried and tested training format and will provide all who attend with a challenge that suits their personal needs. Whether that need is to work off any excesses, or improve on their balance, hand-eye co-ordination or even add some strength training. The training you will under go, has been specifically designed for your age group and older. All of our sessions are suitable for all fitness capabilities and are designed with your safety at the core.

The new class will be only be available as a drop-in session for the first three months while it is in its trial phase, once this is complete a membership option may become available.

See our full timetable, locations and prices.

For any information about our new weekend class please call Linda on 07787 134058.

Come and see what you think, as I’d love to hear your feedback.


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