At the start of last month I was contacted by Lucy to see what I could offer her and partner Wayne with regards to Team MPPT's in home personal training option. Unfortunately as they don't live in a area currently covered by any of Team MPPT options were non existent.

What I did do was offer them the chance to take on our 28 day Summer Fit Challenge, after explaining a few details about it they both decided to give it a go. I would contact them on a weekly basis to see if all was well or if they needed help with anything.

If their results are anything to go by I’m very glad that I gave them the chance to try it out.

I'm very proud to announce that they lost 32.5cm each! Yes, you read that right, that’s 13 inches of unwanted extra gone!

Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd

Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd

Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd

Welcome - Martin Petrie Personal Training Ltd

Not only this but they are more motivated to keep training, but have also now gained the knowledge on how to maintain it. Not only has this improved their fitness n health, but also their lifestyles.

I would just like to point out that no gym or any specific equipment was needed for this 28 day challenge.

Don't just take my word for it here is their testimonial...

After knowing Martin from school and having him as a friend on FaceBook, I kept seeing statuses from his MP Personal Training page about various offers and then in home personal training popped up. So in search of more information myself and my partner, Wayne, got in touch with him. As we aren’t in his training team’s catchment area we were offered a 28 day challenge. Perfect I thought, just what we need to kick us in the right direction. That though, rapidly changed when we saw what we had agreed too, but no turning back now.

The plan itself was great, easy to follow, some rules to adhere to with advice on what to eat etc. All we needed to do was add our own motivation to it. Martin gave us both encouragement, praise (when deserved) and asked regularly how things were getting on.

A big plus point for me was that you don't weigh yourself at all! You don't need to, Martin gets you to measure yourself in the beginning and at the end (if you cheat then only person you’re cheating on is you!). We didn't even have to leave home to do the exercises, so no excuses!.

The results can take you by surprise trust me! We were amazed at the fact that we had both lost 13" each! That is 32.5cm of unwanted extra banished forever.

We are far more motivated to continue and are ready for our next challenge.

I advise anyone to try this plan if they want to get results and feel better..

Massive thanks to Martin dan MP Personal Training for the kick up the butt!

Lucy and Wayne

Now that they have completed this 28 day full body challenge they now have the option to take on one of our more targeted programs including:

  • 28 day Upper Body Focus
  • 28 day Torso Sculpt
  • 28 day Leg Blast

Full text and email support from me is included with all programmes. Terms and conditions apply.

Get rid of those unwanted extra inches – just get in touch. What have you got to lose?


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