Now Summer’s on its way, how are those healthier lifestyle plans you made in the New Year holding up? Hopefully, you are now really starting to reap the rewards.

For those of you who are still thinking about making a positive change just imagine what a difference having a healthier lifestyle could mean to you and your family...

Our Unique to you Programme will give you all the help and motivation you would need to gain your goals.

I have spent a vast amount of time writing an adaptable yet progressive programme, targeted to get you to your healthier lifestyle goals. From deciding which exercises should be used, to how many repetitions are required from each of them, to get you to great results in the quickest time possible.

Fitness levels will vary as we are all unique, this is where my vast experience kicks in and adaptations are made. Whether you’re a regular gym user or a total exercise novice I’ll help keep you motivated on your journey to achieving your health and fitness goals, which could include:

  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Toning or muscle development

I have been perfecting and tailoring exercises combinations for over 10 years and will be using both cardiovascular and resistance stamina training. So I know our Unique to You Programme is the best available option to date. Coupled with The H Effect a unique nutritional/exercise system it is unbeatable, not only via the results possible, but also on value for money.

I have chosen to launch our Unique to You Programme as a package, instead of an adhoc based session arrangement. This is because I have worked on the structure specifically to get you the best results whilst maintaining your motivation and commitment to the highest levels possible, guaranteeing you getting to your goal. My experience leads me to believe that motivation levels drop when the gaps are too long between training sessions.

As a guideline you are looking at between 8-12 weeks of training, the more proactive you are about sticking to your programme between your sessions then the quicker you will get to your results. We could then get a maintenance plan into action to make sure you continue with your newly found healthier lifestyle.

Month one of your Unique to you Programme includes:

  • 60 Minutes a week of targeted personal training
  • A Gym or Home based exercise program for between sessions (normally £25 on its own)
  • Plus unlimited text or email exercise assistance from our Senior Personal Trainer Martin (priceless)

All this for only £150! (for the first month)

Extra sessions are an additional cost and subject to availability.

For the best results we recommend adding ‘The H Effect’ a unique nutritional system for just £85!

The ‘The H Effect’ is also available without any personal training.

Ongoing monthly training includes:

  • 60 Minutes a week of personal training
  • A gym or home based exercise program for between sessions (normally £25 on its own)
  • Unlimited text or email exercise assistance from Martin
  • Plus (if gym based) you will get a protein shake at the end of each booked session (normally £2.50 each)

Ongoing training is just £135 per month!

Extra sessions are an additional cost and subject to availability.

If our full program isn’t for you, maybe you just want to learn the correct way to carry out a few exercises, get a couple of new ideas or even just get a little bit of a motivational kick in the right direction, then single session training is still available. Please see our prices page for more options.

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