So lets start this list of most commonly asked questions with the most popular.

What is the easiest way to get rid of lower stomach fat?

Overview of the cause and a cure
To lose the body fat that is hanging around in an unwanted state, it is important to know exactly what has caused it to start with. Are you ready for this? It is simply down to the over consumption of processed foods, artificial sugars, starchy carbohydrates along with caffeinated and carbonated drinks. I could go in to how and why these are all bad for you, but I have a feeling you already know.

My answer to the above is simple. If it looks like it is full of rubbish then it probably is! Avoid these things like the plague and you will gain some awesome results.

Biggest tip – measure yourself don’t weigh yourself.

To help get things moving and to lose stomach fat, it’s is important to drink enough water to remain hydrated and to enable the fat burning proteins to work properly. On average a person should drink 8-10 8oz. glasses per day. Avoid artificial sweeteners and cut your coffee/tea drinking, as believe it or not caffeine is a dehydrative (if you have heart or kidney disease, you need to check with your doctor regarding your water intake).

I personally used to drink up to eight mugs of coffee per day, then struggle with sleep and need to do the same the following day, just to stay awake. I now consume 1.5l of water in the morning, then the same in the afternoon. More if I'm training, sometimes up to 5l per day. Yes, you will be running to the loo every five minutes, but look at it this way, it is your body getting rid of the all the impurities it doesn’t need that is in your pipeworks which can only be a good thing. After a few weeks it settles down again, your sleep will improve too. Mine did!

Exercise is optional
Now this may come as a surprise to some of you, but contrary to popular belief, abdominal exercises do not target the fat around your mid-section. Doing ab exercises will in time define stomach muscles, but you must first get rid of the fat that is covering them.

You can lose stomach fat by just making the dietary changes suggested above. However, if you want to burn more body fat overall you can do so by doing more cardiovascular exercise. Anything that raises your heart rate for over three minutes is classed as a cardio training.

Clearly the longer you do the better the result. However, resistance training is better for you in the calorie burning stakes, as your muscles will burn through the stores as they repair after training. Big tip for you is to keep it up on a regular basis – you need consistency. It may take several weeks to see results, as typically belly fat seems to burn off slower than body fat elsewhere. You will not lose stomach fat overnight, but you will with every passing week and you feel healthier and look better. Soon you will look great and feel great!

A healthy you will be able to do more exercise, burn more calories, and increase muscle mass, which, in turn, will burn more calories.

Now go forth and conquer your healthier kickstart!

Don’t forget to report back if you have taken onboard what you have read and are feeling awesome.

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