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I've been training hard for weeks – why aren't I losing any weight?

The biggest mistake you can make when you start to exercise, is to make a goal based solely on weight loss – you will be disappointed in the short term. You will gain weight, normally a few pounds. This is down to the growth of new muscle mass. The best idea is to have your measurements taken, as I mentioned in the answer to question one. Then hide them away.

Now then, muscle and fat weigh the same, but muscle is denser and takes up less room. Meaning you will become far more toned and in some cases weigh more. With this being said, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you can burn on a daily basis without needing to train. Then in their recovery period after training, they will burn at an accelerated rate, sometimes up to as long as 48hrs!

Most people think that exercise alone will help them to loss weight and tone up. Most of the time I hear people say that because they use the gym, they can get away with regular take-aways and nights out drinking. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get any further from the truth if they tried.

To making lasting changes it is all about balance and consistency. If you’re wanting to make positive changes, then your lifestyle will need to change and you need to be strong enough not revert back to your old ways habits.

Your focus should be split 70% on your intake and 30% on your training.

To learn how to manage these changes get in touch as this is what we are really good at.

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