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If I do weights will I get bulky and look like a man?

A regular one from the ladies, more of a statement than a question, but still valid I feel.

Oh how wrong you would be if you actually believed the above statement. How this tale even began is a mystery to me, it is completely unfounded.

If things are done to the extreme, such as using supplements (other than increasing your protein levels) including stuff like testosterone boosters etc, then of course you will see some huge changes to how manly you could look.

One of the biggest misconceptions of the weight lighting world is that lifting heavy weights will make women look like Arnold – or worse, Arnold in a skirt. For that reason alone, millions of women are missing out one of the best forms of exercise – which happens to be the most beneficial to our health, especially as we age.

Fact: women have less testosterone than men. The ability to build large muscles is directly dependent on the amount of testosterone. Unless women are taking synthetic testosterone, they will not build large muscles.

Keep in mind: if you begin a weight-training program, your muscles will begin showing definition within a few weeks. If you have a large layer of fat covering your muscles, you’ll look ‘big’. Muscle mass increase may happen faster than fat loss. That mass will take up space under the fat layer. It will take longer for that muscle definition to show through layers of fat. This is why experts emphasis how important nutrition is to any exercise routine.

Why you should include weight into your training - to burn body fat.

Fact: cardio burns more calories than resistance training within the same timed sessions.

Another fact: weight training burns more calories after the training session and into the next day.

Considering this, it’s easy to see that more muscles mean more calorie burn. Think of your bigger muscle groups, such as your legs, butt and back, as literal fat burners. Long after your training session ends, these large muscle systems are hard at work rebuilding, repairing and burning away fat.

So ladies, please stop being afraid of the heavier weights. It’s supposed to be resistance, not something you can do and have a chat at the same time with, it is ok to sweat in fact it is healthy.

Trust me, you’ll be smiling hours later, knowing your muscles are getting stronger and burning calories while you watch reruns of the soaps on TV.

Now go and get toned as that is what we all know you meant.

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