Let us help you to take your first steps on a journey to a new healthier, fitter version of you. We are here to help you, with our step by step guide to planning the right route for your journey.

Goal setting

Step 1 grab a bit of paper or for those of you that are more technically minded, grab your ipad or tablet.

Step 2: set yourself an end goal. It will have to be one that will push you, but it still needs to be achievable.

Step 3: work backwards from the above goal, setting 9, 6 and 3month goals along the way to help you track. If you're one of these super organised and well planned people then you could actually break these targets down even further, especially in the first 3 months. This may actually help you to create a newer healthier habit to live by.

Step 4: more of a helpful tip than a step for this one. Include your children in to the plan, if of course you have any. This will not only keep them entertained for a little while at least but, if they get used to doing something at a set time, on a set day then they will end up being your driving motivational source, for those days when you're not feeling in the mood for training or getting active. Make sure that what ever you choose to do is enjoyable, if you find it a chore to do then it will not get done. And as a bonus of course behaviour breeds behaviour. If they see you doing something and enjoying it then they will want to take part. The best thing about this is that it is not only you that will be on a journey to a fitter healthier lifestyle.

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