We have spent a vast amount of time these past few months consolidating our knowledge and creating an adaptable and progressive programme targeted at getting you to achieve your healthier lifestyle goals. From selecting the right exercises to the number of repetitions required, to get you to great results in the quickest time possible.

As your fitness levels vary (as we know that we are all unique), our vast experience kicks in and adaptations are made to the training you would receive. Whether you’re a regular gym user or a total exercise novice we will help keep you motivated on your journey to achieving your health and fitness goals, which may include:

  • Weight loss
  • Back and core strengthening
  • Toning
  • Muscle development

I personally have been perfecting and tailoring exercises combinations for over 12 years. So I know our New Year, New You Programme is the best available option to date. It’s not just a combination of nutritional planning and exercise, as it also involves an element of motivation and confidence development. Your programme is tailored to the uniqueness of you and is guaranteed to obtain your goals.


We have chosen to launch this programme as a package (instead of an adhoc based session arrangement), because we have worked on the structure specifically, to get you the best support whilst maintaining your motivation and commitment, giving you guaranteed results.

As a guideline you are looking at between 8 - 12 weeks of training, the more proactive you are about sticking to your programme between your sessions, the quicker you will get to your results.

Our New Year, New You Programme includes:

  • 60 Minutes per week of targeted personal training with a member of Team MPPT (either 1 x 60, or 2 x 30 minute sessions).
  • A tailored gym or home based exercise program for between sessions (normally £25 on its own).
  • Nutritional planning and assistance.
  • Plus unlimited text or email assistance from our senior personal trainer, Martin (priceless).

All this for only £175! (for the first month)

Extra sessions are an additional cost and subject to availability.

Ongoing monthly training includes:

  • 60 Minutes per week of Targeted Personal Training with a Member of Team MPPT. (Either 1 x 60, or 2 x 30 minute sessions).**
  • A Tailored Gym or Home based exercise program for between sessions (normally £25 on its own).**
  • Unlimited text or email exercise assistance from Martin**
  • Plus (if gym based) you will get a protein shake at the end of each booked session. (Normally £3 each).**

Ongoing training is just £150 per month
Additional sessions are priced at, 30 minutes = £20, 1 hour = £35 and are subject to availability.

I’m really looking forward to helping people get to places they have always wanted to be. While on this journey teaching them how to maintain the right mindset to allow lifestyle changes and retain them for the long term.

If you would like any more information, please just ask.’

Martin Petrie
Owner of Team MP Personal Training

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