Over the last few years we have listened to your feedback regarding MP Personal Training's online presence, our website, Enews, Facebook and Twitter.

Taking your comments into account along with the fact that over 60% of online activity today is performed on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, lap tops and notebooks, not to mention the massive surge in the use of social media over the last decade, sites and apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest are all becoming a part of day-to-day life we have rethought and redesigned our website and social media delivery.

The design changes have included restructuring the website structure, a simplified and more accessible layout and creating a responsive design that changes depending on the type of device you are using whether it be desktop, tablet or smart phone for a more appropriate layout.

With regards to the delivery off information through the various online channels our aim is to reduce the amount of 'noise' we generate and use these channels to deliver bite size pieces of news and important information. Then, if relevant, you can read more on the website, giving you the choice rather than filling your 'inbox' with content you may have absolutely no interest in.

You can also sign up for email updates and we will keep you up to date with everything here at MP Personal Training. Simply submit your email address in the registration bar at the foot of the page and follow the simple instructions.

We will be adding new features such as a new image gallery so watch this space! In the meantime please feel free to leave any comments, feedback or suggestions below.

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