Myself and the team have put together a couple of options for you, that will make sure that you have plenty to do with your children during the school holidays. Those parents among us know just how difficult it can be to find things to do that are not only affordable but fun and suitable for our kids too.

Personally, I found the years between 10-16 the hardest to cater for – parks are designed for the younger ones and theme parks, well they’re always a lot of money.

Between us we have put together a training plan that can be taught outside in the sunshine or indoors if the weather decides to turn against us. Our goal is to help you, not only to find something to do, but also work on your fitness whilst helping your child to do the same. We have written our programme so that it delivers enough of a challenge to make you both fitter, improve your flexibility but above all else – be fun!

We will be using minimal training equipment, meaning that the things you learn from a summer of training with us can be continued on a daily basis at home. Of course there are contraindications to training children of 10-16 years old, but using our vast years of experience we have catered for these. This means that the training provided will be tailored to helping your child's development.

As adults of course we may of had various bits and pieces go wrong over the years. These will be taken into account too, as both you and your child will be asked to fill out a medical declaration before you can participate.

Here are your options:

Partnered Personal Training
1 adult, 1 child (10-16 years old)
School holidays only!
Special offer £30 per hour (normally £50 per hour).

Outdoor Group Training
The 1 hour sessions will focus on
Fun, full body fitness and flexibility..
1 adult, 1 child (10-16 years old).
£7 per adult, children train for free!

Locations and times are yet to confirmed.
Although the Training day will be on Mondays possibly a Saturday too, if the numbers are high enough.

We will be trying to catering for:
- Worthing
- Lancing
- Shoreham by Sea
- Hove
- and all little villages between.

The groups will require a Minimum of 5 adults (meaning a total of 10 participants). So to make sure your area has a better chance of receiving a training group, get talking and sharing with your friends and family.

Please get in touch with us if you’re interested.

Bring on the holiday fun!

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