Some of you may of already noticed that I’m a keen cyclist. Running no longer interests me, my poor ol’ battered knees aren’t great with impact.

A lot of my training counterparts have used events like half marathons or tough mudders (obstacle courses with extra water, mud, rope swings and walls etc.) as their challenges. These have never grabbed my attention, but when I saw that a local company holds a multi level cycling event every year, I opted for that instead.

With three main options, these being a 54 mile (the route of choice), a 87 mile and a huge 107 mile route. All coming with target finish times for specific age categories. My group was rather unfair I thought 18-39. Which gave me a Gold award target time of sub 3 hours and 35 minutes.

The route was a combination of flat sections and some quite nasty hills, funny how you never realise they are there when you're out in a car. I rode with a few groups of random people along the way, which helped to pass the time.

My tracking chip, once scanned at the midway point, then again at the end, stated that my finish time was 3 hours and 56 minutes. A Silver award, I’m happy with that, but I will beat it next year, if that I am certain.

For those of you that need some personal motivation, away from everyone else, I highly recommend keeping your eye out for something that takes your fancy. running, cycling or swimming, this only names a few possibilities.

Go and find your inner challenge.

Then get in touch, as we would be delighted to help you achieve it!

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