Every year Team MPPT runs an outdoor training group from Hove Lagoon. With its sole objective to help get women of all ages ready for the 5 or 10k events held later on in the year.

This year is no exception and we are primed and ready to go. Jake will be taking on his apprentice role, while supporting Martin in the training and supervision of the group.

The group will be run every Monday evenings at 6pm sharp. Meeting at Watersports building on the Lagoon itself. We have been given permission to not only use it as a meeting place, come rain or shine, but we have also got use of their locker rooms and café if needed.

Expect to be taking part in a variety of sessions including, core and balance, upper-body, flexibility along with a varied hit on your cardiovascular systems and jog/running techniques.

This group is aimed at beginners - improvers. If you are already capable of easily running the 5 or 10k then this group isn’t for you. You will be asked to fill in a medical questionnaire prior to taking part, this is of course for your own safety.

For those of you that didn’t already know. What ever money we take from you for the training, 50% of it goes directly to CRUK. When you consider that the classes are £5 per head, per hour session, it will all build up, especially if you were to bring a group of your friends with you.

So here are the vital details again.

Day: Mondays
Time: 6pm
Start date: April 6th
Location: Hove Lagoons Water-sports building
Address: Hove Lagoon, Kingsway, Hove BN3 4LX
Price: £5 per head - 50% goes straight to CRUK

For more information please just get in touch.

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