Yesterday bought a whole new dimension to our usual marketing ventures, as we went an took part in EDF's Healthy eating and Exercise campaign week. We took over a couple of tables in their canteen and covered them in training tops, flyers and special offer information. It took a while to get going (like most out reach event do), things became easier when staff whom we have already trained or knew us popped down to see how things were going. But with them paying us some attention it created the buzz needed to get other staff to approach us.
All in all six new leads were made, but more importantly for me, people now know who we are and where to find our help.

If you missed our visit yet would like to know what we have on offer then today is your lucky day.
Here are your options.

30 minute Body Blasting –
These sessions are designed around your current abilities and targeted at weight loss via burning through unwanted body fat, using fully functional training techniques. You will finish your training session feeling worked yet energised. Why not train with a friend..
Single session = £20 or Partnered session = £30.

60 minute Lifestyle-
These sessions are geared towards your long term personal goals.. They contain extra time over the Body Blasting sessions for a specific reason. This is so that extra care is taken to get your unique systems on track, at a comfortable yet progressive pace.
A Full break down of your food and drink intake is also assessed and advice is given on how to make subtle yet maintainable changes using Real Foods that will help you find balance, feel energised, less stressed and above all else More Motivated.
£35 per session.

EDF Exclusive
Commitment Package-
These packages only have a shelf life of 2 months. Any uncompleted sessions after this time are lost. BUT if you Complete them all in Less than 6 weeks you can have the same deal again..
(Otherwise the price will increase to £125).
Life changing goals take commitment from all involved.
We are commitment, are you?!
4 x 1 Hr sessions = £100

(Your EDF staff ID will be required upon your first session).

Your goals are there for the taking! Your time to get started is NOW!


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