Lack of goal setting in a workout is essentially like taking a drive with no destination, you must set a goal!

Here are the five health and fitness goals that everyone should set.

1. Drink more water
The first goal you should set is to make an effort to drink more water. Drinking enough water impacts everything from the amount of energy you have, how hungry you feel throughout the day, your ability to concentrate and how quickly you recover from your workout sessions.

Even small decreases in proper hydration levels can have a significant impact on your overall health.

2. Remember the importance of rest
You should be absolutely sure you are getting enough rest. It’s very easy to underestimate how much recovery is necessary for great progress and to push through fatigue with the belief that working harder will only make you stronger.

Working harder, when the body can’t keep up, will actually only make you weaker!

Doing this over too long a period and you’ll be facing some real problems, such as lean muscle mass loss, a lowered immune system and overtraining in general. Listen to your body.

3. Focus on your form and feel the muscle contraction
It’s quite easy to focus in on other things while completing an exercise, movement, neglecting to really think about the actual squeezing of the muscle fibres you're working.

Even if it means you’re lifting lighter weights, using proper form is a must. If you do, you’ll progress faster!

4. Choose at least one health goal
The next goal that should be set is making sure you also choose at least one overall health goal. Like eating a good diet. When you’re living the healthy lifestyle to improve your health, you’ll get a greater, long-term reward from your efforts if you stick to your health goal!

5. Try at least one new activity
Far too many people get into the habit of doing the same type of exercises every day. You have no problem with this because you love the exercise you're doing and include it as part of your everyday routine. However you will find that you get bored doing the same type of exercise day after day, you should aim to try at least one new activity each month!

Plan your training every month, be sure you keep these goals in mind. Goal setting is one of the most critical things you can do.

Now go and get creative. If you get stuck, just ask us for help.


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