Finally, I can announce the total we raised for Cancer Research UK. I have listed below how much we raised at each of the three amazing events and the total combined amount...

Drum roll please...

Total Fitness Altrincham, Cheshire
£5400.21 + gift aid £1032.88 = £6433.09

LifesCycle, Edinburgh
£300.00 + gift aid £75.00 = £375.00

Withdean Sports Complex, Brighton
£7648.00 + gift aid £1127.50 = £8775.50

Making a grand total of £15,583.09!

Once again I can’t thank everybody involved enough for your generosity, especially to the instructors that shared their time and expertise for free. Just remember that every penny of this goes to fighting cancer, not administration costs.

Look out for announcements for The Ride For Life 2015 coming very soon!

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