Ask yourself “If I could help make a difference to someone’s life, would it be worth it?” of course your answer would be a resounding “yes!”

Ok, what about, “Would I admire and appreciate someone who took the time out, of their weekend to make a difference to my future”. Again the answer would be a massive “yes!”

What if I told you that you can make a huge difference to the future of the entire human race, be working on your own fitness, all whilst enjoying an almost party-like day in which we can all celebrate life.

I know you’re ready to come and be part of what will be an event to top all others! Am I right? This is where I’m hoping to hear another big “yes!”

The Ride for Life is set to become the area’s largest charity event of 2014!

To back up this claim we have got some big hitting sponsors. With Freedom Leisure UK and Team MP Personal Training all adding their flare to the mix, in the hunt to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The Ride for Life is an indoor cycling event like no other. With our ride leaders being bought in from all over the globe, each fighting to be part of the RFL Team, whom have been especially selected to motivate you on a journey to self discovery.

Each and every one of our Ride leaders has given their time and effort totally free of charge, including all of their travel and accommodation costs in order to take part in what looks to be a great day. With each of the rides lasting 45 minutes, the different audio visual backing of them will take you to levels beyond your conscience mind.

We will be taking over Freedom Leisure’s Withdean Sports Complex with 65* bikes and 5* Krankcycles, massive screens, with imagery, MyZone heart rate information and audio to blow your mind.

We will even have an information and chill-out village for you to relax within between rides or to grab yourself some refreshments.

The Ride for Life is geared for everybody, regardless of your fitness level or indoor cycling experience. We are also proud of the fact that we have full wheelchair access to not only the building, but for the rides themselves via the use of Krankcycles.

Need we remind ourselves as to why we need to do our part to fight cancer or in fact the reason why we are organising such a huge event.

Thanks to the work of Cancer Research UK, you are now twice as likely to survive cancer today compared to 40 years ago! Just remember, their funding comes straight from you/us and with the funds we raise at our event staying in the Brighton area, that is yet another bonus.

Now it is your time to make a difference!

Contact us to book your bike via the details below.

Event details
The Ride for Life
August 9th 2014
Withdean Sports Complex
Time: 9am–10pm TBC

Contact details
Rick -
Twitter - @RideForLifeCRUK
Facebook -

Come and help us take on the fight against cancer.

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