What value would you put on your health or even that of your friends and family?

We all know that behaviour breeds behaviour, so making positive changes to your life and getting great results will help motivate and inspire those around you too.

If you feel that you are ready to make positive changes to your health and fitness lifestyle, but currently have no idea on where to start, then I know we can help. We have a few options on offer, from targeted programmes that you can follow in the comfort of your own home, all the way though to one to one personal training. With one to one training you are more likely to reach your chosen target, as it is our job to make sure you get the best out of yourself at each and every session.

We can even help you discover as to what levels you need to be working at during your sessions.. Shaun has put a together an awesome system that has been tried and tested. The H Effect is a unique nutritional / exercise system, which is performed on line, without the need for a private consultation. Utilising a cutting edge formula; your physiology will be assessed and total stress loads calculated. A nutritional plan based on your current requirements, along with relevant intensity and type of exercise will be advised. You can find more information on our nutrition page.

To get started, simply get in touch, book a consultation with one of our team and we can help you start your journey to a newer, healthier you.

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