It is time to do some maths to help you on your way. The results from these sums along with some helpful tips will help your desired goals. Regardless of what journey you have planned to get to them.

The Maths

The maths below is set on the averages for male and females and recommended allowances etc.

Step 1: grab a bit of paper or for those of you that are more technically minded, grab your ipad or tablet.

Step 2: calorie intake
As a general rule you should only drop your calorie intake by a maximum of 300 per day, if of course you are aiming at weight loss. Any more than this and your body will go into storage mode and then anything you eat that you really shouldn't be having, regardless if its treat day, Will be stored.

This applies to us gents too. But if we are aiming at bulking up then an increase of upto 500 extra calories is ok. You can add more, but it is more important to get the balance right with your protein.

Recommended daily intake:

  • Ladies = 1300 - 1500 cals
  • Gents = 1450 - 1650 cals

Step 3: protein intake:

  • Ladies:please make sure that you take on at least 1.2 - 1.5 grams of protein per kg of body weight.
  • Gents: you will need 1.5 - 2grams per kg.

This is needed to help feed your muscles, helping them to recover from any physical activities undertaken. It will help them to repair and grow, which is a good thing, even for you ladies as the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn per day before exercise, you will also be far more toned.

Step 4: water
In my opinion the most important element, with the right amount being drunk it will help you not only to detox but to loss or in fact gain mass (depending on your food intake and training). It will also help you to sleep better.

Your weight in kg x 0.033 = your daily requirement of water in litres*

This is in just water!

5 cups of tea or 3 cups of coffee = -500ml of water due to the caffeine.*

Step 5: fad diets
This is very much a grey area, as there are so many on the market, most are unfortunately there simply for your money.

The thing to remember is that a safe amount of weight to loss on a weekly basis is 2 - 4lb. If you loss weight faster than this, then it Will be back, with a vengeance.. I have been seen this time and time again.

Most people don't even know if the things that they are actually eating is working for them or against them. We as humans are Unique to one and another. Our diets reflect this, it is possible to hit your dietary goal with normal foods, just the way that nature intended.

Most important tip – do not look at a change of food intake as a diet – you will cheat. Consider it a lifestyle change, it will have ups and downs, but you will learn how to control these in time, whilst still feeling amazing.

For help with any of the above, for personalised results Or if you would like to learn more about your Unique Nutritional Requirements please get in touch.

I hope that this guide has helped you to get your 2014 off on the right foot.

Please leave feed back if we have been of any use to you.

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