In Stage 2 we look at where you are starting from. If you fail to make recordings of these then how will you know just how much you have achieved come your goal.

Personal starting data

Step 1: grab a bit of paper or for those of you that are more technically minded, grab your ipad or tablet.

Step 2: take your measurements and write them down!


  • Hips – visual widest point of them. Not the crest.
  • Waist – line of belly button. As this reference point can't move like clothing can.
  • Thighs – make sure you do both @ mid line of the muscle.
  • Calves – as above.
  • Upper arms – as above.

Of course you can add your chest measurements to if you wish.

All of the above, minus hips and calves (add them if you wish) but add:

  • Chest – at nipple line.
  • Shoulders – at midpoint of your deltoid.

Step 3: find a bit of clothing that is too tight (if your wanting to lose weight n tone up) or a bit baggy (if your wishing to bulk up to fill it).

Step 4: have a picture taken of you in the chosen outfit, make sure that you are against a light background so that the picture is more easily seen. Tip, you may not really like how it may look, but at least still try and smile.

Step 5: lock the start data away, don't keep referring back to it. The clothing you chose for the picture, make sure that you keep that safe too, don't want them going missing, you will be needing them for the photos at your end goal.

As you may of noticed, I haven't mentioned weighing yourself once in the whole of the above. This is because weight loss can get very obsessive, where some people may check theirs on a daily basis.

This is a really unhealthy way at approaching a healthier lifestyle goal. When you start to exercise more, you will start to activate more muscle mass than you currently do. Forcing it to change its composition, it will become denser (more toned) and when it does you will get heavier.

This is a good thing as the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you would burn per day Without doing anything... Meaning that your body fat stores will be used and your weight loss / toning, or for us gents getting leaner, will be easier to achieve.

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