Well where do I start?? Martin has been my PT since I was 16 and in all fairness I hated the gym and In all honesty I still do, but back then I had nothing to work towards and giving me a routine to follow was like putting boiled tea in a chocolate tea pot (pointless), I just enjoyed meeting up for chats - pretty expensive counselling session I'm sure you'd agree haha. But March of this year I decided to make a change and join the RAF it had in my eyes the most gruelling fitness test to pass to even be considered a recruit - a 2.4km run in 13mins 23 - 10 push ups in a minute and 32 sit ups in a minute. I thought they must have been smoking something to come up with these figures but I thought let's give it a go so getting Martin on board was as easy as cat nip to a kitten and then the annihilation at the gym began. He took me from not even being able to physically lift my body up off the floor to do one press up to being an utter machine -(well not quite but being able to do 15 push ups without feeling like my insides were coming out my ass and my head was going to explode is a pretty sound achievement I think) and being able to take my running power and time from 21 minutes initially right down to 13.23 mins in just 4 months. For those interested I finished my fitness test 45 minutes ago and smashed it. I dig deep don't get me wrong and may have wet myself during my run and lost a breast pad on the way but I did it and I suppose I could give some credit to the old Petrie./.. Legend got nothing but love for you!