I've known Martin since he started 12 years ago at what is now Active4Less in Hove. He had the energy back then and has even more to give now! Little did we know that back then I was hypermobile with possible Marfan Syndrome and everything he did for me back then, made me stronger and protected my joints so I could do my job-care work safely and live my life. (Apart from my already dislocated jaw which i didn't know about. ) after leaving the gym due to an infected in grown toe nail I stopped going and life moved on - marriage and kids. I had severe symphysis pubis dysfunction and life stopped! Hell on earth, so much pain! In both pregnancies leading to incapacitation. :'( then I worked at tesco and the pain in my left leg and sacro joint was awful, my right shoulder then froze and went into adhesive capsulitus-pain! And then my jaw locked up to only 1cm opening. My amazing osteopath James Pickard at the tree of life centre in Hove rescued my arm and Andrew Whitehouse at The Windmill dental practice in Southwick rescued my jaw. But my muscles had wasted I tried Bikram yoga but that was the wrong move for me. My friend Karen then begged me to start at her gym we use to aerobics together when we were younger and loved it! I was sooo nervous because of how weak I'd become and my joints were unstable I was too nervous to go but I did. A lady showed me round and I'd spotted a picture on the wall but thought it couldn't be, could it? I asked about the personal trainers and she recommended Martin who had helped her with her bad knee. And that was it! She gave him my details and then we met up at the gym after 12 years and I can't express how much he has done for me, I can sit more comfortably in cinema's, I can take my kids out, I can cook a dinner and not be too tired to even sit up to eat it! I can load and unload to washing machine (carefully) I can empty and re load the dishwasher-it's amazing! Sadly my pain will always be there but it's better than it's ever been! Martin is funny, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile for u if u are! And especially if u have any physical or even mental health problems he will work around u! Thank you so much MP personal training! Xxxx

Can’t fault Martin on his knowledge, enthusiasm plus encouragement 10/10! Amanda Lomas

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